Return of the Duke

Recipe for disaster: One desperate demon Sluagh, one inept balladeer, one medieval deputy sheriff, one modern day detective, two hopeful Dungeon Fairies, and two irate Celtic gods. When stirred by the Hand of Fate, anything can happen in this rollicking tale of love and adventure.

Lord of the Isles

Malice is a black Dungeon Fairy. In order to get her Flower Fairy colors back she has to keep a little Crystal Sorceress safe, prevent a bloody clan war and find the MacDonald traitor that wants to sacrifice her ward to a insane sea goddess. A tall order for a fey creature no bigger than the span of a human hand. Add to that onus, she cannot interfere in human affairs. Now how’s fairy to accomplish all that?

Jolene MacDonald is the widow of Angus MacDonald and destitute. With the aid of King Wolfrick and King Broden she finds herself on the keep doors of the MacDonald ancestral home and governing seat on the Isle of Islay at the onset of an armed skirmish over the title to the Lord of the Isles.

Years ago Olafsson joined forces with Somerled to wrest the islands away from the Vikings. Now that Somerled is dead, Olafsson feels the title is his. Ranald, Somerled’s heir, was ordered by his dying father to, “Don’t turn yer back on that bastard and to marry a sorceress to help ye regain control of all the isles.”

Ranald MacDonald fells the heavy cloak of responsibility when his da dies. However, he is the new laird and he will unite the isles and keep them under MacDonald control. When the king’s emissary deposits Arthur’s widow and child at his feet he knows the woman he’s been waiting for has been given to him by Danu. Neither clan feuds, lethal sea goddess, nor a mighty kraken is going to keep him from bedding and wedding Jolene. Even if he has to battle an insane sea goddess, he will keep the love of his life and the isles under his protection safe from the egos of men and gods.


Lord of the Isles SW

Merchant Prince

Brigid de Clare is a Vessel. Her body is a prison for an ancient Egyptian lion-goddess of war named Sekhmet. Brigid must find a mate to help her control the deity within her. He must be a lion—a man that is strong-willed and brave, a leader among men. It will be his onus to help her subdue the deity trapped in her subconscious. Sekhmet has two sides to her personality: the lioness who is forever hungry and eager to chase and take down her prey; and the cat, a playful and nurturing creature. When Brigid is under attack, the lioness physically manifests and defends her. Should the lioness escape Brigid’s mental control and consume a blood feast, the living goddess Sekhmet will escape her Vessel prison, summon her beastly minions and destroy humanity. To keep the lioness subdued and Sekhmet imprisoned, Brigid relies upon a magical amulet.

Via a circuitous route, the amulet has freed itself from her possession and landed in the hands of Eamon Durrow. Eamon began his career as a horse rustler. He elevated himself out of the gutter to become a crime lord, a clan leader and a wealthy merchant. When villains attack Brigid and take the amulet, the goddess is freed to reign terror upon the earth. Eamon must find a way to return Sekhmet back into the Vessel without the magical amulet or the powerful fey of New Camelot will destroy Sekhmet and Brigid.

Merchant Prince Front cover

Dragon’s Breath

Baron Tomas Cleary has one too many chatelaines running the castle he inherited after his brother’s untimely death. Used to being the lady of the keep, his niece Teagan is not relinquishing the authority she’s wielded for many years. He desires peace in his new home and an end to Teagan’s interfering ways. In order to obtain it, he’s hosting an invitational tournament. Winner of the meet gets the well-meaning but overbearing young sorceress.

Garrett O’Brien is in dire need of a rich, sorceress wife. He’s been tasked by Danu to protect a precocious young Crystal Sorceress. He needs warriors, magic and copious amounts of funding to fortify Dragon’s Breath Castle and make it safe for Cassidy. Unfortunately, he’s not a knight. But he doesn’t let that stop him. He’s had ample opportunity to learn about fighting and men in the sheriff’s service. Teagan feels the tournament is barbaric and degrading and is making other plans for a future away from her childhood home. Garrett, his heart hardened by life’s experiences, thinks women are less troublesome if you rent them by the hour. However, he needs Teagan and the dowry that comes with her. It takes a little manipulation by the goddess Danu and a some fairy help, but he survives the tournament to claim her and her dowry.

Both find themselves in an untenable situation that require each other’s cooperation to make life bearable. While they sort through their differences and learn to respect then love each other, a fury that knows no bounds plots to take Dragon’s Breath away from both of them.

Dragon's breath Kendel
Lady Teagan’s hand and dowry is being offered to the winner of a tournament. Sir Garrett O’Brien needs a rich sorceress wife to help fortify Dragon’s Breath’s defenses and protect little Cassidy. They find themselves in an untenable situation that require each other’s cooperation to make life bearable. While they learn to respect then love each other, a fury that knows no bounds plots to harm Garret’s family and take Dragon’s Breath away.

New Camelot’s Baker

All Delaney Durrow wanted to do was to protect her daughter from the underbelly of New Camelot. She and her husband dreamed of having a “normal” life in the middle-caste and they achieved it, just before he was assassinated. A month later, a very angry knight invades her home demanding she sign over the deed. He claims his mother illegally sold it to Hugh. She has nowhere else to go and refuses to budge. When the tournament champion holds her hostage, she offers a compromise: she will rent a room to him over the winter. In exchange, he is to do odd jobs and protect her and her daughter from a dangerous lover she had in the past. Hugh’s scheming brother has plans to take over the Durrow clan from his father. To do so, Eamon needs her and Anna with their sorceress abilities under his control.  Sir Finbar proves he is a knight of worth when he defends Delaney from her ex-lover’s machinations, but as their relationship grows more intimate, she wonders, who is going to defend her heart from him? Despite Sir Finbar’s skill in martial arts and lovemaking, sinister forces close in around Delaney, threatening hers and Anna’s lives. Too late, Delaney realizes things were not as they appeared to be. New Camelot's Baker


The best muse for dialogue is my friends, especially those with extended families. I once had a complicated nerve wracking life. Right now, it’s complete without being cluttered with emotional debris. Comparing the two, I prefer to live a calm uncluttered life. However, boring doesn’t make for interesting fiction novels. So, I listen to my friends rant about their kids, grandkids, lovers, exes, neighbors, etc. You’d be amazed at what seemingly rational people can get themselves into, without hardly trying.

I understanding ranting. When life is kicking you in the butt and there is nothing, absolutely nothing you can do about it, you need a friend. Someone who has been there or is at least sympathetic to your plight. I’ve found the best place to listen to these rants is on the back of a horse. I love horses, always have. Mom says my first words were, “I want a pony.” I got my own when I was 35. It saved my life.

Tarnished Knight

The latest in the New Camelot series (Vol 13) is now out for purchase on Amazon and Createspace.

Laurel is an aberration. She is an Assassin who doesn’t want to kill. She thinks she knows where mythical gold was hidden when Morgan Le Fey released her wrath upon Arthur and Merlin 800 years ago. Laurel has bonded with a baby dragon and hopes to use Maeve to sniff out the    treasure. Traveling across terrain rife with raiding, Laurel opts to hire a surly knight for protection so she won’t have to kill anyone. Sir Donovan of Baltimore is between commissions and hasn’t two silvers to rub together. When the young Assassin approaches him, his first response is to say no to her request. He’s dealt with Assassins before. They’re not to be trusted. However, she is so young, so innocent looking. Because she’s carrying a baby in an osier basket, his conscious and dismal finances goad him to accept her proposal.

An encounter with a male water nymph reveals Laurel’s real age. She’s not a child, but a delectable female perfect for lovemaking. And that’s no human baby in the basket. It’s a dragon! When Danu’s spark of attraction hits her and Donovan, they resist the overwhelming desire that washes over them for neither likes the other. However, they have more in common than they realize. As their dangerous trek progresses, the attraction grows Two waifs with surprising talents and a fey mongrel dog are rescued and join them on their westward march through dangerous territory to the top of Mount Carrauntoohill.

It will take all of them—human, fey, and beast—posing as a family to survive this quest for lost treasure.