Black Sorcerer

BS Facebook crop

Enemies of New Camelot amass in the desert, poised to attack. Within hours, blood will spill and an ancient evil will be released. The defender’s only edge against the overwhelming force are cryptic stolen documents. Lord Dillon’s desperate incantation to find the one who can interpret them takes him to an exotic woman, one his land hasn’t seen in over eight-hundred years. One he must possess. Titania Dreher from modern New York City has elfin features that make her a recluse. A history voyeur, she peers into the past by interpreting ancient artifacts. Rescued from muggers by a virile young man in a medieval costume, she’s transported to a mystical kingdom. As she pours over ancient records, seeking clues to a dire riddle, she ponders many questions. Foremost is: when she returns home, will she leave her heart behind in Dillon’s hands?


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