Brenda has composed ten books that comprise the New Camelot Tales. Eight are ready for purchase.


Rogue Prince – New Camelot Book One

For his wastrel behavior, Prince Wolfrick from magical New Camelot is reduced to eating out of trash cans. His dire predicament improves when a modern day woman rescues him and Darren the Bastard, his partner in debauchery. A crystal amulet found at ancient ruins activates Bethany’s latent magical ability. Both men ask, “Is she The One?” The one that Wolfrick can love above himself in order to break the curse that turned them into animals? Bethany’s powers grow stronger prompting evil to attack. In order for them to survive, Bethany must accept what she is, Wolfrick must learn to love, and Darren must decide in which of the two realms he belongs.

Currently available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook formats.


Crystal Sorceress – New Camelot Book Two

Dragons and fairies and trolls. Oh my! New Camelot, a magical land frozen in the middle ages, is not your normal vacation spot. Bethany McGuire, fledgling sorceress, agreed to a two week stay to learn how to control her new powers. Upon arrival, she gets attacked by dragons, embroiled in court intrigue, and married to a fierce warrior-sorcerer. Also, running amok wielding Merlin’s wand of power and determined to be the next high king, is a Black Sorcerer. To save the medieval kingdom and her husband from a crazed despot will require all this sorceress’s modern day savvy as well as a little help from her fey friends.

Currently available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook formats.



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