New Camelot’s Baker

All Delaney Durrow wanted to do was to protect her daughter from the underbelly of New Camelot. She and her husband dreamed of having a “normal” life in the middle-caste and they achieved it, just before he was assassinated. A month later, a very angry knight invades her home demanding she sign over the deed. He claims his mother illegally sold it to Hugh. She has nowhere else to go and refuses to budge. When the tournament champion holds her hostage, she offers a compromise: she will rent a room to him over the winter. In exchange, he is to do odd jobs and protect her and her daughter from a dangerous lover she had in the past. Hugh’s scheming brother has plans to take over the Durrow clan from his father. To do so, Eamon needs her and Anna with their sorceress abilities under his control. Sir Finbar proves he is a knight of worth when he defends Delaney from her ex-lover’s machinations, but as their relationship grows more intimate, she wonders, who is going to defend her heart from him? Despite Sir Finbar’s skill in martial arts and lovemaking, sinister forces close in around Delaney, threatening hers and Anna’s lives. Too late, Delaney realizes things were not as they appeared to be. New Camelot's Baker