New Camelot’s Bronson

Sheriff Bronson O’Toole has served the king’s law ever since puberty when he came into his sorcerer powers. His years of dedication to the profession are challenged when a jewel thief terrorizes three old war heroes. With the sitting and retired kings hounding him to find the lost treasure, Bronson doesn’t have time to find a mate for the annoying Red Cap that has squatted in his gaol. However, the irritating fey creature won’t leave and is consuming all the gaol’s ale and spirits while he waits for a spouse to be presented.

Seleta Gilbert pretends to be a wealthy merchant during the day. At night, she pawns stolen goods for her people, the Romani. Ten years ago, three despicable barons murdered her parents and forty family members. She is now in a position to exact a justice long overdue. After depriving those men of the jewels and gold they stole from her parents, her intention is to see their blood pool in the lea where the massacre occurred.

Unfortunately, Danu has a warped sense of humor. The mischievous goddess has decided to make Bronson and Seleta beloveds—true loves. But, how can Seleta marry a man whose duty to his king is to hunt her down and hang her after she obtains the justice she needs to silence the dead innocents’ cries?

It will take all of Bronson’s patience and analytical skill, along with a little fey help, to quiet the dead’s keening for revenge. For without their silence, he cannot have the woman who has stolen his heart.