New Camelot’s High Sheriff

Lady Stella of Sea Breeze Keep has ample worries. She’s raising grandchildren, fending off the advances of a covetous neighbor, running a contraband operation and scanning the horizon for marauding Vikings. The king’s courier brings word that High Sheriff “Bloody Matthias” is assigned to protect the keep. An ex-lover who left her in dire straits when called to fight in the Troll Wars, Matthias is a heroic knight, one who will ferret out her many secrets. Matthias is weary of fighting. Offered the stewardship, he doesn’t hesitate to take the lucrative position. The only problem he expects is Lady Stella. A lifetime ago she swore her undying love to him yet married while he was up to his eyebrows in trolls. Now she’s determined to be rid of him. Time and experience have aged and changed them, but the passion they once shared still smolders. A viperous neighbor and a heartless Viking attack and fire breathing dragons are enlisted to turn the tide of battle. To reignite a passion that was denied by fate will require the assistance of manipulative fairies, the wisdom of the Regina, and the determination of the King of New Camelot.sheriff for internet


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