New Camelot’s Lion

Graeme has no last name. He’s been a bare-fisted arena fighter for as long as he can remember. None can withstand the punishment the powerful man doles out in the arena. Sick and weary of fighting, he journeys the place he was born seeking answers to the mystery of his birth. O’Doherty’s Keep is a crumbling ruin located on the New Camelot's Lionplains of northwestern New Camelot. It is the warren of the man who put him in the arena to fight for his life. Traveling with him is a bothersome slave he can’t get rid of, a beautiful young woman determined to make him her husband, and a lonely water nymph bound to a bottle. The closer he gets to his personal hell, the higher his love for the unattainable noble lass grows and the lower his spirits fall. His companions realize that his desire for vengeance against a horrific wrong is sending Graeme into a deadly spiral of depression. Unless their love can quench his thirst for blood, they fear his soul will be lost forever.


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